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Triple A Awards Program


The Triple A Awards include the following awards and "gift".

            a. Perfect Attendance by Quarter (Students receive a certificate and pencil)

            b. Receiving an "E" for Excellent Behavior on their report card. (Certificate & Pin)

            c. Honorable Mention - Students who just miss the honor roll due to a C or C+ (Certificate)

            d. Honor Roll - Students maintained A's and B's in all academic subjects, an and is at grade level in reading ability. (Certificate & Honor Roll Ribbon)

            e. Principal's List - Same as Honor Roll but the student received all A's on their report card. (Certificate & Outstanding Achievement Ribbon)

            f. Washington Center Wildcat ~ Given to one student who exemplifies excellence in academics, attitude, and attendance.


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Meaning ~ Awards for Academics, Attitude, and Attendance

Why We Do It ~ To celebrate student accomplishments for their hard work.